How Standing Desks Help In Promoting Better Health and Disease

Sitting continuously for a long time has an adverse impact on your health. It is an invitation to many serious ailments such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease and even premature death. Many people having a sedentary work style tend to burn very less calories and in the process become susceptible to increased weight and obesity.

To solve this problem, standing desks are becoming a more and more popular alternative these days. This type of desk requires working in a standing position. It is indeed a comfortable and effective way to loose calories and acquire a healthy body.
Let us check some other benefits of standing desks.

Helps in lowering weight and obesity

The problem of weight gain is increasing at a fast pace among adults and teenagers, the prime cause of this problem being less physical activity. When you consume more calories than you burn, excess calories get deposited in the form of fat and this results in weight gain. When you choose to stand in place of sitting, it helps in burning more calories and prevents accumulation of fat in the body. Standing for four hours can burn 170 more calories than what is expended while sitting. So, almost 1000 more calories are burnt every week just by standing and doing your work.

Lower sugar levels in the blood

According to research, it has been found that the rise in blood sugar levels before lunch can prove to be detrimental to your health. It is one of the common reasons for getting Type 2 diabetes. With the use of standing desks, if you stand daily for three hours post lunch, then your blood sugar levels can surprisingly reduce by 40% as compared to sitting for the same duration.

Lowers chances of Heart Ailments

In a recent study performed on bus conductors who remain in standing position for entire day, it has been found that people having such professions have 50% fewer probabilities of getting heart disease than people who work in a seated posture throughout the day. So spending more time on your feet greatly improves your heart health and prevents occurrence of heart disease.

Reduces Back Pain

Back pain is the most common issue faced by office workers who perform work in a seated position throughout the day. Use of traditional seated desks has been found to cause intense back pain which would otherwise become severe if not replaced by standing work style. The sooner you replace your desk the better will be your recovery. As per the reports, use of standing work style extraordinarily reduces back pain to 32%.

Alleviates Mood and Energy

Standing desks are found to lend a positive influence on the overall well-being of a person which is exhibited in the form of less stress, depression, fatigue, anxiety and so on. All of these are replaced by feeling of goodness, enhanced vigor and energy all day long.


Proper selection and placement of these classy standing desks define the room in the best way. Their direct and conservative design lends an elegant touch to any space. Just a little change in the working style by introducing this innovative approach can result in significant benefits to the overall health of a person. Make your lifestyle healthier with these standing desks. If you are ready to buy one, do not forget to split your working hours 50-50 between standing and sitting.

Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker Review

The Logitech X-540 5.1 speaker is an innovative 5.1 surround sound system, which is highly noted for its versatility of application. This product can seamlessly work well with a gaming console, PC, iPod, MP3 player, DVD player and even a CD player. It comes with a sizeable subwoofer and 5 different satellite speakers that when combined facilitate for a rich surround sound.

Logitech X-540 5.1 subwoofer

Like just mentioned, the subwoofer of this product is much larger when compared with its satellites. This subwoofer features an open port at its front, which facilitates for effectual movement within it. At its bottom part is where you will the down-firing main speaker. At its rear, there are various connection ports for both audio in and audio out to the satellite speakers. There is also a corded remote control that allows you to efficiently regulate volume and base of this surround sound system in accordance to your preferences. The dimensions of this remote control is around 2” X 3”, and the cord that attaches it to the subwoofer is about 5 feet long. As such, this device has been designed to snugly rest on your desk within easy reach to your hand. It also comes with a power switch and the matrix mode button. Finally, there is a plug at the front of this remote control, which you can conveniently connect a set of headphones.

Logitech X-540 5.1 satellite speakers

As a 5.1 surround sound speaker system, the Logitech X-540 comes with 5 satellite speakers. This includes a central, a front left, a front right, a back left and a back right satellite. The central satellite is set on a base that is sufficiently diminutive to allow it to rest on a CRT PC monitor or clamped down on an LCD PC monitor. The remaining 4 satellites also present several options when it comes to their mounting. To begin with, their moveable bases enable them to be easily mounted on a wall, where they can be pivoted around in parallel alignment with the speaker itself. On the other hand, you can choose to pivot these 4 satellites speakers to effect a vertical placement, which will allow you to set all of them on your desk.

FDD2 technology, matrix mode and dynamic real-time base equalization

This 5.1 surround sound system incorporates the innovative frequency directed dual driver (FDD2) technology that permits it even out and also spread out the sound it produces. Should you use it with a PC which has a sound card that can deliver 2 stereo channel sources, the Logitech X-540 matrix mode can enable you to create 5.1 surround sound from such sources. At the same time, this product offers dynamic real-time base equalization, which is in an excellent position of maximizing a low frequency response at virtually all volumes.

Additional accessories of the Logitech X-540 5.1

The whole package of this 5.1 surround sound speaker system includes a single color-coded cord that can connect the front, rear and central satellites to a PC. There is also a splitter audio cable, which facilitates for component hook ups. With it, you can connect this system to a gaming console, CD/DVD player, MP3 player and almost any other device that has an audio out function.